Training & Consulting

What We Provide

Our Training Courses fall under three main categories

Business Fundamentals

The basic skills and concepts needed to run an organization are referred to as business fundamentals. By fully comprehending how a business operates, you'll have a better idea of how different business functions relate and how your decisions impact the organization as a whole.

  • Where to Begin

  • Visioning

  • Business Model

  • Budget Marketing

  • Accepting Donations

  • Personality Dimensions

Team Development

Now more than ever, bringing your workforce together as an effective team is vital. During an ongoing pandemic, economic tensions, and the challenges of remote work, teamwork has taken a big hit. How can a team maintain their effectiveness and growth in such a turbulent environment?

  • Team Building
  • Hiring Basics 101//Retention
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Team Motivation
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Performance
  • Leadership

Essential Skills

Non-technical skills that relate to how you work, sometimes known as Soft Skills, Interpersonal skills, essential skills, or noncognitive skills. They include how you interact with colleagues, how you solve problems, and how you manage your schedule.

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Networking Success
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management

How It Works


Let's sit down and have a chat about your vision, your goals, and how we can help you achieve success.


Once we figure out exactly what is needed to help you find success, we will put together a package based on your personal or professional needs.


This is the fun part! Getting the team together, igniting ideas, and inspiring results!

What They Say

Without feedback, communication is nothing more than information. Part of success is listening to what clients and customers have to say!

Kathryn has been extremely instrumental in guiding me through the initial stages of starting my small business. I will continue to consult with her on my project as it grows as she is very knowledgeable, encouraging and sincere.

    Linda L.
    Linda L.

    Crew Haus Barbers

    Simple to comprehend, the material is fun, engaging, helpful, really empowers you!


      ABC's of Customer Service

      Kathryn's presentations help people to learn through engaging them rather than lecturing. She not only has an amazing ability for creative ideas, it is clearly evident in what she produces.

        David H.
        David H.

        BNI Synergy

        Excellent workshop! Condenses a year of business school into 1 3-hour class


          Goal Setting & Time Management

          Kathryn gets it. Plain and simple. She understands that unless participants are engaged in the learning, they retain/learn little. Kathryn consistently pushed for innovative solutions so participants were challenged to engage in their learning rather than old models of transmission of information.

            Doug B.
            Doug B.


            Ready To Take Action? Lets Talk

            This free consultation is a way for me to get to know you and get a better understanding of how I can help you reach specific goals.

            I recognize that everyone is different and prefers different ways of communication. I can do in person, video, or phone call consultations. After having a conversation with you, I will identify which areas of your company will benefit from specific training services.

            Once we’ve evaluated your needs, I will get to know your vision and expectations for your training experience. A plan will then be created customized to your needs and desires. The plan will include what courses will be provided, the method of delivery, and a cost breakdown.

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