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ABC’s of Customer Service

Give good customer service and make the sale! Isn’t that what we all want? Why not make it fun too? Everyone learns better when they are enjoying themselves.

Sell More, Make More

This course can be combined with The ABC’s of Customer Service for a 2-day powerful program to improve customer service and increase sales and profits.

90 Min Team Building

Stranded on a rubber life raft. Ship crashed on the moon. What do you do now? Two great team building games that get people excited!

Train the Trainer

Whether you are a seasoned trainer or a rookie, this train the trainer course will ensure that you have the right approach and useful tools to get started on your next training project.

Communicate in 90 Min

To understand and capitalize on your individual “tool kit” – the unique set of internally stimulated characteristics and strengths you bring to work.

Communication Basics

To be able to better communicate and gain understanding with others and to understand the 5 traps and the 5 skills to listening. This three part series of courses can be conducted separately or together for a 2-day program.

Other Courses and Workshops

We can also facilitate sessions on the following:

Personality Dimensions (What Colour are you?) – Certified Trainer
Brainstorming, Strategy & Visioning
Behavioural Interviewing
Systematic Problem Solving
On-boarding & Orientation
Goal Setting & Managing Multiple Priorities
Youth Entrepreneurship; Teen Tycoon$

Starting your Own Business Series

  • So you want to be your own boss!
  • How to Network to Get Work
  • Marketing on a Budget

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